Translated Japan and Other Country webnovel that I follow

Hope you will read the story too after read the synopsis~

Sorry my english is so terible bad because I didn’t use it properly in 4 years

*WB = I want to buy the book hehehe, its not like all webnovel will get a published…

*WB = already bought it and i will scan it if I have a time


JAPAN webnovel


Shoujo Story (17):

  1. Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi WB

(Its like A Realist’s Kingdom Reform Chronicles if you read volume 1,2 of the manga, all its containt economy and politict shit, but this novel has a hidden bittersweet and gallant love story that you never found in other novel ! *scream*, The main character <the princess who will become a queen> never asked for help to her knight, usually she just give the orders, she even helped her knight in critical condition , wich it is never happen in other shoujo novel )


Shonen Story (37):

  1. Mushoku Tensei -Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu- WB (continued in Pielord)
  2. Parallel World Pharmacy WB
  3. Overlord
  4. The Lazy King WB


Boys Love Story R18 ( I know male reader didn’t like to see it. But… I just suddenly find that match my taste. Its hard to find BL story that match my taste. And all of them from novelupdate-Ichinichi-Ichizen BL. I don’t know why sudenly all the translation match my taste hahahaa) 


Too lazy to read again so I stoped it I guess? (5)


Too much direct scene R18  haha… (3)


Don’t know want to read cause I have already see manga or anime, shit that Yenpress!!



CHINA webnovel

I don’t really like CN, and the CN I read is like JN so my list is not for people who like CN…

Shoujo Story (2):


Shonen Story (3):


Too much direct scene R18  haha… (1)



ROMA webnovel


Too lazy to read again so I stoped it I guess? (1)

  • I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy!  (This story have RARE main character lol -> Flying Crystal Dugeon. This story is not from Japanse… but Roma. The typical writer write his story is same as japanse people write their story.)


GERMAN webnovel

  • Hidden GMs Destiny (Must I think it is a shoujo story? The love story is so fluffy hidden ❤ , and the story itself is so fresh. I didn’t see other Japan or China author write some normal but exciting story like this, Its good too if you want to search shonen game online story which its not too strange like you – suddenly suck in the game-… but really have a good development normal story which other people didn’t notice.  But the last update is 2015 so I hope they still continue it… )



And I still update it ~

Sorry for the anoying spoiler but… if I didn’t add it, who will click the link? hehehe

I think if 50% novel (that I read) have an adaption manga, I should insert the link in this list too…


8 thoughts on “Translated Japan and Other Country webnovel that I follow

  1. Ooh so i chanced upon this link by… Fate! Yes! It must be Fate! What else will it be if it’s not Fate!

    Anyway I’m gonna check some of these links you provided and.. Have you tried slave harem on raisingthedead(currentlydead use if you didnt notice)?

    With that said, let us be meet again if Fate allow us to


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